BLM Announces Grant Opportunity for Wild Horse and Burro Program

The Bureau of Land Management says there are new grants available for you and private partners to support the management and protection of wild horses and burros. This will be the department’s second year inviting proposals for wild horse and burro projects through the... Read More.

PG&E Awards LCC Fire Technology Program Scholorship Grant

The Lassen College Fire Technology Program gets a PG&E grant to provide scholarships and training equipment. PG&E has awarded 17 thousand 500 dollars to the program that will go to benefit students seeking an associate of Science in Fire Technology. The program feeds skilled... Read More.

Plumas District Hospital OB Program Faces Staffing Shortage

For a second time expecting moms planning deliveries at Plumas District hospital will be diverted to another facility. This is the second time in under a year that the hospital has had to put their OB deliveries on diversion, the first beginning of staffing... Read More.

Free Chipping Program Returns to Plumas County

The Plumas Fire Safe Council will bring back the no-cost chipping program. There will be rounds to cover the entire county. Round one begins now and runs through June 19th for Twain, Indian Falls, Taylorsville, Genesee, Greenville, Lake Almanor, and Chester. Round two will... Read More.

Chester St. Andrew’s Academy Expands with 4-Year Degree Program

A four-year college is coming to Chester. The St. Andrew’s Academy, a Christian educational institution, is extending its educational reach with an accredited four-year liberal arts degree and will be the first Anglican college in the country for nearly a century. The move is... Read More.