LMUD on Honey Lake Power Thru Thursday

Lassen Municipal Utility District has switched to Honey Lake Power for their main power feed. The switch is due to maintenance on PG&E's Caribou transmission line for continued Dixie Fire repairs. Maintenance is scheduled to be completed by Thursday, August... Read More.

Bird Causes 1300 to Lose Power in Indian Valley

A Bird causes the PG&E outage in Indian Valley last evening. The good news, is the company’s enhanced power safety settings are working, the bad is the outage left 1300 without power during the heat of the day from 4 pm to 6 pm.... Read More.

Chester to Run off Generator Power for One Week

As part of the ongoing Dixie fire PG&E repairs, Chester will finally see some permanent poles installed this week to bring relief to power instability. 26 wooden poles and other equipment along the transmission lines that run along HWY36 between Hamilton Branch and Chester... Read More.

Planned Power Outage for Indian Valley

PG&E is pulling the plug for Crescent mills, Indian Valley, and Greenville this Saturday. The company is working to correct the periodic loss of power in the Indian Valley Greenville areas due to the temporary generator that has been in place at the Crescent... Read More.

PG&E Plans Power Outage for North County

North Lassen County will be without power overnight on Tuesday. PGE is planning an outage to upgrade a substation in Fall River Mills in Shasta County. Make sure your phones are charged and battery alarms are set prior to bed If you live in... Read More.