Two EV Stations Coming to Portola

Two EV charging stations are coming to downtown Portola. The city council unanimously moved to enter into an agreement with another party, EV Range Inc, to install, maintain, and run two stations. The council says the move will help draw people over... Read More.

Portola Fire Wise Holds Outreach Meeting

The Portola Fire wise committee will hold a Fire Safe Community Outreach meeting this week. You can learn more about tactics and tools to reduce wildfire risks and explain hazard reduction projects and tasks that will increase your home’s chances of survival should there... Read More.

Portola City Council June 22, 2022 Meeting

The Portola North loop project that began 8 years ago will see phase 1 revived this coming week. The Portola city council will be adopting the plan specifications of the project and its estimated costs that will enable to bidding on the project to... Read More.

Grand opening Tournament for Portola Riverwalk Disc Gold Club

A fun recreational undertaking in Plumas County, the Portola Riverwalk Disc Golf Club will have a grand opening tournament to start the summer season. The professionally designed course saw finishing touches and City Council approval to launch in October of last year. The grand... Read More.

Portola Man Sentenced to Life

A Portola man has been sentenced to life in prison. Lee Edward Roe, a 55 year old man from Portola was convicted of a felony for sexual acts with a child under 10 after investigations confirmed Roe was involved in photographing the underage victim... Read More.