Pile Burns Resume Near Brush Creek in PNF

Pile Burning will pick back up in The Plumas National Forest tomorrow. Strong winds with the incoming winter storms halted the planned burns early last week, but firefighters were able to complete 6 acres of pile burns near the Brush Creek Work Center. As... Read More.

PNF Suspends Pile Burns due to Weather

Plumas Feather River Ranger district suspends planned pile burn projects due to wind conditions in the area. If conditions improve, ignitions may take place Thursday or Friday. Updated information will be shared if burning occurs later this week.

PNF Begins Pile Burn Project

Just outside of Quincy, you may see smoke as the PNF fire managers begin a pile-burning project.The burn will occur near Highway 70, just north of Quincy. About 20 acres are expected to be burned to reduce fuels. According to the Mt. Hough Ranger... Read More.

PNF Responds to Campground Water Shortage and Devil’s Fire

The Plumas national forest responded to a  holdover fire from Saturday’s lightning event that ignited the Devil’s Fire. That fire started on Grizzly ridge near the Devil’s Punchbowl. One of the last remaining holdouts during the Dixie Fire due to its tough... Read More.

PNF Enters Stage II Fire Restrictions

Plumas National Forest steps up fire restrictions. With extended hot weather increasing the likelihood of fire dangers and drying of fuels the forest service is entering stage II of their fire restrictions levels. This means you can only build campfires in designated recreation sites... Read More.

Water Shortages In PNF Campgrounds

Water shortages are affecting recreational facilities in the Plumas National Forest Feather River Ranger District. Limited water is available at Little Grass Valley Reservoir campgrounds, including Little Beaver, Running Deer, and Red Feather. While camping at these locations you are asked to... Read More.

PNF and BLM Elko Order Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

Stage one fire restrictions come to the Plumas National Forest and BLM-managed lands in the Battle Mountain District in Elko. Fire danger continues to increase with the onset of summer and forest fuel conditions are drying up. In addition to fireworks not being allowed... Read More.

PNF Wildfire Lookout Rehabilitation Continues On

The rebuilding of a historical lookout tower in the Plumas National forest continues on. The Argentine Lookout over Quincy has been undergoing a restoration effort by a group of locals who wish to see it return to its former glory. The lookout stood to... Read More.

PNF Opens Campgrounds While Some Remain Delayed

Plumas National Forest sees a few recreation sites open for the summer season while some get delayed. By the month’s end sites at Wyandotte Campground at the Little Grass Valley Recreation Area, and sites in Sly Creek and Strawberry Campgrounds in the Sly Creek... Read More.