Feather River College picks up Seven Straight Wins

QUINCY--Working quickly and efficiently, Feather River raced past Siskiyous 6-0 on Monday afternoon at the Eagles Nest.The nine inning contest took just under two hours to complete, rapidly moving the Golden Eagles to 17-4 in the Golden Valley Conference and to 28-7 overall. Siskiyous... Read More.

Warren picks up Bidens call to crack down on shrinkflation

(WASHINGTON) -- As polls show rising inflation weighing on American families, President Joe Biden has slammed companies for engaging in "shrinkflation," allegedly decreasing the size or servings of a product while keeping the price the same.During his State of the Union address Thursday, he... Read More.

Trump picks up endorsements from holdouts after New Hampshire win

(WASHINGTON) -- Texas Sen. John Cornyn, considered a top contender to succeed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, joined over half of Republicans in the chamber in endorsing Trump following the former president's victory over Nikki Haley in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary.In a reversal, Cornyn in... Read More.