Pentagons temporary pier off Gaza is ready to begin delivering aid

(WASHINGTON) -- The Pentagon's temporary floating pier system was anchored onto a beach in Gaza on Thursday amid the Israel-Hamas war, and U.S. officials say humanitarian aid will begin flowing "in the coming days."Officials did, however, stress that while the pier -- formally called... Read More.

Pentagon’s ‘UFO’ tracking efforts still find no alien origins

(WASHINGTON) -- The head of the Pentagon office reviewing UFO incidents reported by military personnel told Congress Wednesday that his office is now reviewing 650 incidents, but that there is no evidence that any of them is of extraterrestrial origin.Two new videos were released at... Read More.

Pentagon’s ‘UFO’ tracking efforts focus of Senate hearing

(WASHINGTON) -- In a rare open hearing, lawmakers on Wednesday are set to question the head of the Pentagon's office charged with tracking UFOs -- or what the Defense Department calls unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP).The director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, Sean M.... Read More.