House fails to pass procedural vote on FISA in blow to GOP

(WASHINGTON) -- A key procedural vote on a bill to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act failed on the House floor on Wednesday, another sign of Republican infighting under Speaker Mike Johnson's leadership.Nineteen Republicans broke ranks with party leadership and voted against the measure,... Read More.

Russian diplomat says US didnt pass along concrete info before attack

Russia's ambassador to the United States claimed on Sunday that the U.S. Administration didn't pass "concrete information" through the Russian Embassy in Washington about possible preparations for the terror attack at Moscow's Crocus City Hall."Nothing was passed," Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov... Read More.

Lawmakers in Hong Kong pass strict new security law

(HONG KONG) -- Hong Kong's legislature has unanimously passed a strict security law, 11 days after it was tabled in an unusually fast turnaround.Authorities in Hong Kong have argued that the law is necessary to uphold stability and "plug any holes" left by the... Read More.