Modoc County Considers Bee Protection Ordinance

Bees are under consideration for protection in Modoc County as the Agricultural Department seeks input on the need for beekeeping regulations.County officials say the ordinance would protect local and non-local bees and private property rights.To determine if an ordinance is needed to create a... Read More.

Portola Ordinance Restricts Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces

Portola is under the annual mandatory wood stove curtailment period, which started on November 1st, restricting homes from using non-EPA-certified fireplaces or stoves.The U.S. EPA officially designated the Greater Portola area as not meeting federal standards of allowable fine particulate matter in the air... Read More.

Susanville Passes Emergency Urgency Ordinance on Water Usage

Susanville passes an emergency Urgency Ordinance for water usage as the state rolls out water conservation guidelines amid a third year of drought. This ordinance holds more consequences to help you conserve your household water use more. Through code enforcement, the city will first... Read More.

Susanville City Council Denies Repeal of Cannabis Ordinance

Susanville’s cannabis ordinance referendum task force took a hit last evening as the City Council asked the City Administrator to prepare it for the November ballot. The council was faced with two options last evening to either get rid of the ordinance by repealing... Read More.

Commercial Cannabis Referendum Petition Stalls Susanville Ordinance

The commercial cannabis referendum petition pushing back against Susanville's newly adopted ordinance has double the amount of needed signatures; meaning it will be headed back to the council. A local group organized the referendum that seeks to have the ordinance repealed or placed on... Read More.