Meet NHANES Chief Medical Officer During Presentation at LCC

The National Health and Nutritional Examination survey is happening at Lassen Community College as the campus welcomes the team and mobile exam trailers. The Survey will be on campus through July 19th with a team of about 30 performing the health exams where data... Read More.

CDCR Officer Bianchi Memorialized in Hwy 36 Dedication

Former CDCR officer Richard Bianchi, Jr. will be memorialized with a dedication of the HWY 36 corridor East of Susanville, just as you are entering into the City. Bianchi was in an accident two years ago on an inmate hospital transportation to Redding where... Read More.

Susanville Police Department Hires New Officer

A new police officer joins the Susanville Police Department. Police Chief Cochran announced to the city council Wednesday of the departments new hire. The chief was authorized to fill the much needed position several months ago during a council meeting. The new hire will... Read More.

Suspected DUI Driver Bites Quincy CHP Officer

A Quincy CHP officer is left with a bite wound after a woman was placed under arrest for leading CHP officers on a high speed chase while being suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. A concerned driver called to report a possibly... Read More.

Banner Lassen Medical Center Announces New Chief Nursing Officer

Banner Lassen Medical Center CNO Mary Smith, RN, MSN Banner Lassen Medical Center is pleased to share on November 15, 2021, Mary Smith, RN, MSN, joins us as Chief Nursing Officer. In this role, she’ll have overall accountability for providing leadership, direction and administration of day-to-day operations associated with... Read More.