SpaceX loses Starship on reentry over Indian Ocean

(NEW YORK) -- SpaceX lost contact with its Starship rocket on reentry over the Indian Ocean, the company said Thursday, but the third test flight was still deemed a success as it advanced further than either previous test.The unmanned spaceship blasted off successfully from... Read More.

Maui wildfire victims search on land ends, moves to the ocean

(HONOLULU) -- The search on land for further victims of the deadly wildfires in Maui is essentially complete, officials told reporters Monday, according to Honolulu ABC affiliate KITV, as crews move to the water in search of possible remaining victims.Officials say they don't expect... Read More.

Triple-digit ocean temps in Florida could be a global record

(MIAMI) -- Preliminary ocean temperature off the coast of South Florida reached triple digits, which could be a global record, according to experts.A buoy in Manatee Bay, Florida, reported a preliminary high ocean temperature of 101.1 degrees Monday afternoon, according to meteorologists.High water temperatures in... Read More.