Mayor Eric Adams defends NYPD response to campus protests

(NEW YORK) -- New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday defended the police crackdown on campus protests there, which have become the epicenter of demonstrations around the country against the Israel-Hamas war."We want to ensure we protect democracy and the right to protest,"... Read More.

College protests updates: NYU authorizing NYPD to clear camp

(NEW YORK) -- Protests have broken out at colleges and universities across the country in connection with the war in Gaza.Many pro-Palestinian protesters are calling for their colleges to divest of funds from Israeli military operations, while some Jewish students on the campuses have... Read More.

NYPD officers help rescue man who fell onto subway tracks

(NEW YORK) -- Two New York City police officers helped save a man who had fallen onto the subway tracks this week -- marking their second dramatic rescue in recent months.The NYPD officers were conducting an inspection at the Carroll Street F/G subway station... Read More.

NYPD chokehold ban upheld by state Court of Appeals

(NEW YORK) -- New York's highest court on Monday upheld the city's ban on police use of chokeholds, a measure enacted after the widely publicized deaths of Eric Garner and George Floyd following the use of force by police officers during their arrests.The Police... Read More.