LMUD Discusses Power Costs at Monthly Meeting

LMUD has had to raise rates twice to make up for a large deficit incurred due to increasing power costs, and you should see that jump on this month's billing cycle. Rates rose by 2 cents, costing you 16 per kilowatt hour used. With... Read More.

LMUD Directors Approve 2nd Rate Increase

After a swift and uncontested public hearing, the LMUD board of directors unanimously approved the district's rate charge increase. Last evening's meeting was filled more than usual with people from the community, yet only two spoke in support of the district's necessity to raise... Read More.

LMUD Considers 2nd Rate Increase

The cost you pay for power may increase for a second time following this evening’s LMUD public hearing.The Board of Directors is set to consider adjusting the current rate. They face another one-and-a-half percent increase to make up for the district's significant deficit by... Read More.

LMUD Holds Rate Workshop Tomorrow

LMUD holds a rate workshop tomorrow as the district faces a second increase in how much you pay for power. Tomorrow, December 16th, at 5:30 pm, the LMUD Board of Directors will welcome you and the community in a discussion focusing on the potential... Read More.

Heavy Snow Causes Near System-Wide LMUD Outage Sunday

The heavy snowfall resulted in an LMUD near system-wide outage; Honey Lake Power was inaccessible due to maintenance. The lights shut off after 8 am Sunday and weren't brought back on until around 11 am. Crews had to patrol the LMUD transmission line between... Read More.

LMUD Sets Date for Rate Workshop

The Lassen Municipal Utility District board has set a rate workshop as promised following November's rate increase. At the boards, last meeting General Manager Pat Holley said future rate hikes are very likely as the cost of power continues to rise due to the... Read More.

LMUD Skedaddle Project Completion Deadline Extended Into 2025

Lassen Municipal Utility District’s project to end its dependence on PGE for power, the Skedaddle project, has been hit hard by manufacturing delays. During the board’s November meeting, General Manager Pat Holley shared the newly projected timeline has been pushed out to the end... Read More.

LMUD Approves Rate Increase, But May Not be the Final One

Lassen Municipal Utility District is raising what they are charging you for your electrical use, but it may not be the final one.The board approved a half-cent increase during last evening’s meeting, as allowed per contract without a public hearing, as the district says... Read More.

LMUD Board Considers Rate Increase

How much you pay for your electric service may be increasing. During this month's LMUD board meeting, the directors will review raising the price by half a cent.The district is currently reporting under-collecting for used kilowatts per hour. If the rate adjustment is approved,... Read More.

LMUD Board Meeting

Lassen Municipal Utility District will hold a rather light monthly meeting tomorrow. The district meets once a month with reports delivered by the electric operations manager, general manager, and business manager.Tomorrow the board will set a public hearing date for changes to various rate... Read More.