LMUD Planned Outage for Wednesday Aug 4th

If you live in the areas of N of Antelope Mtn, Eagle Lake, Spaulding, and Merriville Rd you will be without power for about an hour as LMUD crews make emergency repairs.

LMUD to Move Forward with Skedaddle Power Project

After a pause in the Skedaddle Project that aims to build a switch station and substation in partner with NV Energy, a move that would cease a relationship with PGE lines in the Caribou, LMUD has agreed to initiate reopening the project to communication... Read More.

LMUD Asks to Conserve Energy

We are asking all customers to please conserve energy between the hours of noon and 8pm. This will help lessen the load on Honey Lake Power and allow them to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. LMUD will remain islanded with HLP until... Read More.

Update from LMUD

July 20, 2021: 4:00pm PG&E has informed our operations center that due to the Dixie Fire; their infrastructure is facing imminent failure by 7:00pm tonight. This means that LMUD will lose our emergency power, leaving the entire system dark. There is no estimate for how... Read More.

LMUD Power Outage

July 20, 2021: 8:30am LMUD is still under rolling blackouts and intermittent power. There is no known time of full power restoration. We have been, and will continue to, provide 2-3 hour blocks of power to customers as supply and load allows. Due to the... Read More.

LMUD Power Outage Update

July 19, 2021: 6:25am HLP has made repairs to their equipment. However, they are not able to start the plant without power from PG&E. LMUD’s operations center is working with PG&E and HLP to coordinate efforts to provide HLP with enough power to test the... Read More.

LMUD Press Release

July 14, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LMUD REQUESTS CONSERVATION EFFORTS FROM CUSTOMERS Due to the wildfire currently burning in Butte County, PG&E has informed LMUD that the Caribou transmission line has sustained damage and is de-energized. Prior to the wildfire incident, PG&E had informed LMUD that they would... Read More.

LMUD Scam Alert

Our customer service department has received several calls from customers reporting unknown callers posing as LMUD employees, demanding payment and threating disconnection. LMUD never demands immediate payment and we will never ask for your credit card information over the phone. We will always direct... Read More.

LMUD & Plumas County Power Outage

LMUD is experiencing a system-wide outage. All customers are without power. According to the utility the outage is being caused by the sudden failure of PG&E’s Caribou transmission line. “Unfortunately,” explains LMUD spokesperson Theresa Phillips, “this also caused Honey Lake Power to go offline and at... Read More.