New National Suicide Prevention Hotline Launches

Making that extra effort to dial the 1 and 3-digit area code before you make even local calls wasn’t for nothing; the new national suicide prevention hotline is now available. The new number, 9-8-8, launched on July 16th. You can now call or text... Read More.

CHP Launches Hiring Campaign “Join the CHP 1000”

The California Highway Patrol launches a multi-year hiring campaign to recruit 1000 officers. A statement from CHP says the effort is being made to meet the increasing demand for services throughout the state. Cadets can begin earning over 5500 dollars a month while in... Read More.

CHP Launches New Year Max Enforcement Period

CHP starts Max enforcement period tomorrow at 6pm through new years weekend. The increased force is in efforts to reduce the number of impaired driving incidents, keeping your holiday travel safe. Last year over 50 people were killed in crashes and over 700 drivers... Read More.