3 Confirmed Wolf Kills in Lassen and Siskiyou County

Southern Lassen County and Eastern Siskiyou County have been recent hot spots for wolf predation with 3 confirmed kills. A total of 5 reports were made on the possible predation of wolves with one confirming a coyote kill while another remained unknown. The most... Read More.

Big Rig Involved Collision Kills One

Big rig involved collision kills one on US395 North of Karlo Rd. Friday, May 27th Susanville CHP responded to a head-on collision between a Toyota pick-up truck and a big rig. the Driver of the pick-up was pronounced dead at the scene, and the... Read More.

Accident on US395 Kills Two

Two people from Reno in their late 40s were killed in yesterday's collision on the US 395. The incident occurred just North of Hallelujah junction. For unknown reasons and semi truck traveling at 56 mph and a toyota tundra collided head on after one... Read More.

Mining Accident Kills One Northwest of Wadsworth

A man described as a 75-year-old mining hobbyist died Wednesday morning when the ground beneath him caved in the Washoe County Sheriffs Office said. It happened around 8 a.m. in the ghost town of Olinhouse north of Interstate 80 about 8 miles northwest of Wadsworth. The... Read More.