Iraq War veterans reflect on struggles, pain

(NEW YORK) -- It was a pivotal day in world history as the United States, and several allies, invaded Iraq under the suspicion that then-President Saddam Hussein was amassing weapons of mass destruction.The March 20, 2003, invasion led to an eight-year conflict with over 4,400... Read More.

Veterans reflect on deployments 20 years after Iraq War began

(NEW YORK) -- ABC News National Correspondent Stephanie Ramos says she "never thought" the military would be in her future while growing up. But soon after the 9/11 terror attacks, Ramos joined the Army Reserve. Five years later, she was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, and... Read More.

Gen. David Petraeus weighs in on Iraq War, 20 years later

(NEW YORK) -- On the 20th anniversary of the allied invasion of Iraq that marked the start of the eight-year conflict, there are still some deep reflections and questions about the toll of the battles."Nightline" co-anchor Byron Pitts spoke with retired Gen. David Petraeus, who... Read More.