LMUD Approves Rate Increase, But May Not be the Final One

Lassen Municipal Utility District is raising what they are charging you for your electrical use, but it may not be the final one. The board approved a half-cent increase during last evening’s meeting, as allowed per contract without a public hearing, as the district says... Read More.

LMUD Board Considers Rate Increase

How much you pay for your electric service may be increasing. During this month's LMUD board meeting, the directors will review raising the price by half a cent. The district is currently reporting under-collecting for used kilowatts per hour. If the rate adjustment is approved,... Read More.

Sierra Supervisors Approve Solid Waste Rate Increase

A trash rate increase is on the books for Sierra County. The board of supervisors had 138 protests that only comprised 6% of the properties affected, ushering in the rise. Although the supervisors commented that much of the protests assumed the increase was twofold,... Read More.

Susanville’s New Tax Increase Begins October

California’s Tax and Fee Administration released the New Sales Tax and Use Tax Rates going into effect by October 1st following June’s Elections. The City of Susanville is among three other cities statewide and eight counties to increase their sales tax, yet remains at... Read More.

Historic Increase in Veteran Benefits

A historic increase in Veteran benefits is coming as the Social Security rate changes. Plumas County Veterans Services announced the increase will likely be seen by October. This will bring increases to those receiving VA compensation for disability and Social Security beneficiaries. Veterans Services... Read More.

Disaster Relief Employment and Training Service Funds Increase

The U.S. Department of Labor has increased disaster relief employment and training services by a near 960,000 dollars. The effort was made in response to the devastating wildfires in August of 2020 in Northern California. Total project funds now total nearly 4 million. Funds... Read More.

LMUD to Set Public Hearing on Rate Increase on Excess Generation

A rate increase public hearing will be determined during Lassen municipal utility district’s board meeting this week. General Manager Pat Holly will report on an increase to excess generation rate for rate schedule from distributed generation in which a public hearing will need to be set before becoming... Read More.