Firefighter helps deliver granddaughter at his own fire station

(AUSTELL, Ga.) -- A Georgia firefighter helped deliver his first grandchild while on duty at his own fire station last month, and the veteran first responder said although it was unexpected, his family is "over the moon" after welcoming the baby girl, named Adalynn."I've... Read More.

Officer Zeke Helps Eliminate Drugs in Lassen County

K9 Officer Zeke helps his Partner, Officer Hoover, for the Lassen Police Department stop many drug busts in Lassen County. Officer Zeke was born in Hungary, did his officer training in Indiana, and has served as a K9 officer in Lassen county for five... Read More.

FRC Rodeo team helps Rotarians clean up Hwy 70

If you notice Hwy 70 looking a little bit cleaner in certain parts you can thank Quincy Rotary and the FRC Rodeo team. More than 20 students and several rotarians took to cleaning up large sections of Hwy 70 as well as parts of... Read More.

Home Surveillance Helps Nab Bike Thief

The Susanville Police department says a homeowner’s security camera helps nab a bike thief. 19-year-old Niko Robinson was arrested on august 19th for a series of crimes after he was caught stealing a bike from an open garage on Pearl Circle. Niko had taken... Read More.