Plumas County Restores Servers After County Wide Hack Two Weeks Ago

Plumas County server systems have been fully restored. On November 14th the county’s servers were hacked that resulted in county officials not being able to access data or emails. County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick said that the investigation is ongoing in an announcement today. He... Read More.

Cyber Hack Still has Plumas County Servers Down

The Plumas County cyber hack has yet to be fixed. Gabriel Hydrick, county administrator, posted to the county website that the disruption happened on the 14th to which the county secured it’s systems and took them offline as soon as they learned about the... Read More.

Possible Hack into Plumas County Departments Data

Plumas county departments may be dealing with a potential hacker. The assessor, tax collector, auditor, clerk/recorder, human resources, district attorney, county counsel, board of supervisors and more have been unable to access their data, says two anonymous county officials, yet according to Board Chairman... Read More.