Voter Turnout Grows in Lassen County

Election voter turnout increased to 60% in LassenCounty, doubling that during the Primary in June. In this third results update all contest leaders hold along with the City of Susanville and County Cannabis Measures ringing a clear message that voters do not want a... Read More.

Seneca Grows Almanor Clinic Team with Temporary Provider

Seneca Healthcare welcomes a new temporary primary care provider. The family medicine team will be joined by Dr. Iris Baccam, growing the Family Medicine team to consist of two physicians and one nurse practitioner at the Almanor Clinic. Dr. Baccam earned her Master of... Read More.

Lassen County Collects 250K From Abated Illegal Grows

Over 250 ,000 dollars was charged to illegal cannabis cultivation grows that Lassen county abated last year. 11 properties total were found to violate the county’s code. These were located in Ravendale, Madeline, and one in Westwood. The property owners, the majority of which... Read More.