Supreme Court will take up ghost guns case next term

(WASHINGTON) -- The Supreme Court said Monday it would take up the issue of "ghost guns" next term and the Biden administration's appeal seeking to regulate the self-assemble weapons kits as any other firearm.The 5th Circuit struck down a 2022 ATF regulation determining the... Read More.

‘Ghost forests’ threaten New Jersey’s water, ecosystem

(NEW YORK) -- A disturbing sight is growing in southern New Jersey's woodlands.Acres of "ghost forests" have been popping up as an increase of saltwater in the soil has been killing what remains of the Atlantic white cedar trees that populate the area. The... Read More.

Ghost guns found at licensed Manhattan day care: Police

(NEW YORK) -- Ghost guns have been found at a licensed Manhattan day care, the New York City police announced, just weeks after drugs were found at a different day care in the city where a 1-year-old boy died from fentanyl exposure.The Manhattan investigation began... Read More.

Ghost forest formation accelerates amid sea-level rise

(NEW YORK) -- As people around the world contend this week with the hottest temperatures ever recorded on Earth, more visual evidence of climate change is emerging with the spread of ghost forests.The globe is naturally warming and seas naturally rise, but greenhouse gas... Read More.