Lassen, Plumas County Emergency Communications Integration Project, & Dixie Fire Collaborative [RE]Build Project Nominated for Over 2M in Funding

Congressman LaMalfa Community Project Funding Nominations for FY 2023   (Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman LaMalfa (R – Richvale) announced his final list of 15 community projects to be considered for federal priority spending. Last year, Congress created a new process called “Community Project Funding,” which... Read More.

Plumas county Chamber Coalition Denied Marketing Funding

Plumas County Chamber Coalition gets denied 50,000 dollars from the county for marketing promotions. A split decision by the board shot down the request, where the money could have been allocated from ARPA funds. One proponent of allocating the money Supervisor Hagwood argues that... Read More.

USDA Adds $35M in funding to Help Veteran Farmers and Ranchers

The US Department of Agriculture wants to help veteran farmers and ranchers with 35 million dollars in funding. The USDA Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement said the funding helps historically underserved groups more fully access and participate in USDA programs and services. These... Read More.

Plumas County Coalition Asks Sups for Marketing Funding

Plumas County Chambers Coalition asks county supervisors for 50,000 dollars in funding. The coalition’s sole responsibility is to market for the county and change the county’s image in the minds of tourists from the Dixie Fire burn scar into what the much of the... Read More.