Eagle Lake Fishing

A balmy 6F this morning! North basins ice has been coming & going. No frozen fog over the ice sheets is a good thing but open water & close to it is another story! This week is looking like we'll see 40's for high... Read More.

Pyramid Lake Fishing

Fishing is great at Pyramid Lake!  Check out the 25 pound Cutthroat.

Almanor Fishing Report

Almanor Fishing Report 10/9/22 It remains all about the weather at Lake Almanor. After a week of absolutely beautiful weather, we are looking at another week of spectacular fall weather with highs in the seventies and lows in the low forties with no... Read More.

Chinook Salmon Fishing on the Klamath Closes

Fishing for adult Chinook salmon on the main stem of the Klamath has closed. Dramatically increased harvest rates of Chinook salmon above the Highway 101 bridge and CDFW projections of the recreational fall-run Chinook salmon catch on the Klamath River show recreational fishing quotas... Read More.

Sept. 3rd – Second and Final Free Fishing Day

The year's second and final free fishing day is here. You can fish the waters this Saturday without a fishing license to end the summer season. The California Fish and Wildlife Department hopes you get hooked on fishing or take the opportunity to introduce... Read More.

Almanor Fishing Report

Almanor Fishing Report 8/28/22 There has been little change on Almanor since last week’s report. Sunny skies will prevail with day-time highs... Read More.

Eagle Lake Fishing Report

August 4 Clarity it's improving for now. Tui chub are starting to "wall up" in their typical "hatch" mode. To be perfectly honest here, here's a huge difference in tui chub behavior as their eggs begin to hatch. Why?? Cuz dem trout love young, dumb... Read More.

Almanor Fishing Report

Almanor Fishing Report 8/7/22 Lake level continues to drop, Dakasu Island is out of the water for the first time in months. Dakasu is North/East of Rocky Point, in the middle of the lake and can be difficult to see under windy or... Read More.

Eagle Lake Fishing

Eagle is putting out the prize's!! 15-17ft deep has treated us well! Copper red and red gold Thomas buoyant's 1/4oz are doing a lot of catching for us on the east side. Nice bunch of fish there. The water column temps show 70F's to... Read More.