GOP-led hearing on aid to Ukraine finds no evidence, so far, of misuse

(WASHINGTON) -- During a Wednesday hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on aid to Ukraine, lawmakers spent hours questioning the top watchdogs overseeing the three government agencies most directly involved in distributing billions of dollars in American support to the war-torn country, repeatedly... Read More.

Study Finds How you Wrap a Gift Matters

A UNR study reveals that how you wrap gifts matters, but it depends on the relationship between you and the recipient.The study surveyed sloppily wrapped gifts to neatly wrapped ones and how they were perceived by who was opening them. The study found that... Read More.

Grizzly Lake CSD Finds Major Break in Water Line

Grizzly Lake CSD homes have come close to running out of their water source. A major leak has been discovered in the Crocker mountain district. Operators assessed the site yesterday and are contributing the break in the line to the weight from snow that... Read More.