Experts warn of extremism in online games, share tips for parents

Experts are raising the alarm about the rise of extremism in popular online games and how easy it can be for children to stumble upon hateful or violent content.A 2023 report from New York University concluded that "extremists are exploiting online gaming and gaming-adjacent... Read More.

Experts fear hate, extremism on social media amid Israel-Hamas war

(WASHINGTON) -- The impacts of the war between Israel and Hamas are compounding in the United States, as hateful online rhetoric has homeland security experts concerned about the spread of extremist ideologies in the U.S.Jewish, Muslim and Arab communities are fearful, and law enforcement... Read More.

Rise in anti-LGBTQ hate and extremism captured in new reports

(NEW YORK) -- Two newly released reports capture the growing anti-LGBTQ+ extremism across the U.S., that has led to protests, threats and violence against the queer community.A new report from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue has found significantly more incidents of anti-drag protests, threats,... Read More.

The challenges to US security posed by ‘salad bar’ extremism

(WASHINGTON) -- A Hispanic man accused of shooting and killing eight people at an outlet mall in Texas earlier this month held a mix of views consistent with neo-Nazism and involuntary celibate extremist ideologies, authorities said.Though a motive for the suspect, who was shot and... Read More.