Caltrans Warns Flooding and Debris May Impact Travel

Caltrans warns you to be alert while driving through burn scar areas as a series of storms bring heavy rainfall to the region. The district says to be prepared for “possible areas of flooding and debris on the roadways.”Highway 70 through the Feather River... Read More.

Debris Flow on HWY 70 Compromises Structural Integrity of Roadway

The 50-mile stretch of the Feather River Canyon’s HWY 70 will remain closed indefinitely. Caltrans District 2 shared aerial photos of the extensive damage caused by last weekend’s heavy rainfall through the Dixie fire burn scar area. Photos show slide debris cascading down the... Read More.

ROE And Debris Removal Update And Next Steps

After the November 30th deadline passes, financial assistance will no longer be provided to property owners. In February, the state plans to complete free debris removal for parcels that presented a completed ROE before the November 30th deadline. The County will then follow the... Read More.