Susanville PD Releases August Crime Stats

Crime is down, but felony arrests are back up from July in Susanville. The police department released its monthly crime stats, where under 900 incidents occurred this month compared to last month at over 1100. This is supported by recent comments from the Sheriff's... Read More.

Susanville PD Shares March Crime Stats

The Susanville Police Department has released its March Crime statistics, showing crime has remained at levels comparable to the first two months of the year. There were a total over just over 1200 incidents, that’s up from last month’s 900 , yet similar to... Read More.

Quincy Crime Spree Suspect Charged

Quincy Crime spree suspect convicted with five felony counts for arson, burglary, and vandalism. Zephaniah Paul Mosely, 39 of Reno was arrested following the spree for violations of his probabtion. The Sheriff’s office and DA have been diligently piecing together the crimes and have... Read More.

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