Crescent Mills Road Rehabilitation Project Gets Funded by the State

Funding from the California Transportation Commission will bring Crescent Mills some much-needed rehabilitation. When the Dixie Fire raged through, it wiped out much of the area and devastated the lands. During an August meeting, the CTC allocated an additional 2.2 billion dollars to help... Read More.

IVCSD Warns Crescent Mills to Conserve Water

Indian Valley CSD is installing a new well pump in the Crescent Mills water system. There will be less water for use across the entire system. The district is asking that you try to conserve water until tomorrow in Crescent Mills so that there... Read More.

New sawmill in Crescent Mills will aid Indian Valley recovery

The rising price of building materials is already a significant obstacle to rebuilding. Various contractors of existing projects in the county were already reporting increases in lumber prices even before the fire. Those with burnt out properties that were building report replacement materials sometimes... Read More.