Superviors Preview Historic Courthouse Floor Plan

By this time next year, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors could be in their new quarters located inside the Historic Courthouse in Uptown. Phase III floor plans were presented to the board that outlined where all tenant offices would... Read More.

Ballots for Displaced Fire Victims Sit at Quincy Courthouse

Ballots for displaced fire victims remain sitting in the Quincy courthouse. Those who lost their homes and have been forced to relocate will not have their ballots forwarded to their new addresses. If you live in Indian valley and have been displaced by the... Read More.

Lassen County Historic Courthouse Renovation to Enter Phase 3

The Historic Courthouse in Susanville moves into phase 3 of reconstruction. The Lassen County Board of Supervisors will be considering authorizing the Director of Public Works to sign an agreement for over 400k dollars with an architectural and engineering firm. Phase three will consist... Read More.