Briefs in Ongoing Battle for CCC Due Back to the Court Today

Today by 9 am, briefs in the ongoing litigation between the City of Susanville and The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for the announced closure of the California Correctional Center, CCC, are due back to the Judge. During the August 26th proceedings, Judge Moody found... Read More.

Court Resumes in Fight to Keep CCC Open

The fate of the California Correctional Center is in court today as the City of Susanville and CDCR present arguments in the ongoing lawsuit filed by the City of Susanville against CDCR. Judge Moody will hear both sides debate on the application of the... Read More.

Suanville Mail Thief Arraigned in Court

New details emerge from last week’s mail thief. Lassen County DA’s office brought Kameron Dennis in front of the courts for a presentation of charges brought against him, those include felony charges of conspiracy and possession of the stolen property as well as a... Read More.

Court Resumes in CCC Case

The fight to keep the CA Correctional Center, CCC, open continues in an earlier-than-expected court proceeding tomorrow. From court case documents the State is calling for a dismissal of the case in light of the change in the penal code following the trailer bill... Read More.

New Court Date Set for CCC Closure Case

A new court proceeding for the City of Susanville vs. CDCR has been announced at the latest on the proposed closure of the California Correctional Center. Court has been much anticipated by the city and all those affected following the trailer bill in the... Read More.

Delay in Court in CCC Case

Another delay in the courts in the fight against the proposed closure of the Ca correctional center. A hearing of the state’s and CDCR’s demurrer plea was to be heard today, yet traveling Judge Moody has pushed that back. The hearing will now be... Read More.

Lassen Superior Court Hears CDCR and State’s Demurrer Plea

Friday, the Lassen Superior Courthouse will hear the demurrer plea by the State and the CA Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation in the City of Susanville’s case fighting the proposed closure of the California Correctional Center. The plea is CDCR and the State seeking... Read More.