Lassen Fire Safe Council Welcomes New Leadership

A long-time board member of the Lassen Fire Safe council has left and the council is welcoming a new leadership team to continue the council’s mission. Ruth Morentz, the council board chair said “The board is committed to doing more projects and... Read More.

City Council Discusses Cannabis Ordinanace Ballot Measure

Susanville City council discusses petitioned cannabis ordinance ballot measure that will appear on your November ballot during today’s city council meeting. The city must consolidate with the county for the general elections on November 8th and will need... Read More.

Susanville City Council Denies Repeal of Cannabis Ordinance

Susanville’s cannabis ordinance referendum task force took a hit last evening as the City Council asked the City Administrator to prepare it for the November ballot. The council was faced with two options last evening to either get rid of the ordinance by repealing... Read More.

Susanville City Council to Seat Newly Elected Members

A new seat will be filled on the City of Susanville Council come next week. Russ Brown has earned the second most votes in the June 7th elections and will take one of the two full-term seats that were up. Mayor Mendy Schuster has... Read More.

Susanville City Council to Hold Special Meeting Tomorrow

There will be a special meeting of the Susanville City Council this week with only one item on the agenda. The council will be asked to consider authorizing the finance manager to increase the expense budget under the Senate road repair bill fund to... Read More.