Commercial Cannabis Referendum Petition Stalls Susanville Ordinance

The commercial cannabis referendum petition pushing back against Susanville's newly adopted ordinance has double the amount of needed signatures; meaning it will be headed back to the council. A local group organized the referendum that seeks to have the ordinance repealed or placed on... Read More.

LC Supervisors Hold Evening Meeting on Commercial Cannabis

Commercial cannabis cultivation returns for discussion in an extended public hearing by the Board of Supervisors during an evening setting for Lassen County. The board agreed to hold a second hearing of the proposed ordinance following last week’s discussion to accommodate more of the... Read More.

Mayor Responds to Referendum on Commercial Cannabis

Susanville’s Mayor Mendy Schuster in response to the growing referendum on commercial cannabis grows in city limits asks for council support to bring the ordinance back to the council, yet gets denied. Only Pro Tem Councilman Brian Moore supported the request while Stafford and... Read More.

Susanville to Allow Commercial Cannabis Business

A 3-2 decision of the Susanville City council will now allow the commercial cannabis industry within the city limits. The landmark decision was made in a packed city hall after nearly two hours of discussion, public commenting, and two subsequent motions. Many of the... Read More.

Final Vote on City Commercial Cannabis Ordinance Wednesday 5/4

Susanville also takes the final step on allowing commercial cannabis within the city. The city council is set to vote on the ordinance at this Wednesday city council meeting. City administrator Dan Newton read and introduced the amended ordinance to the community during the... Read More.