Westwood Cries out for More Code Enforcement to Clean-Up Properties

Westwood’s community asks supervisors for better code enforcement to clean up the streets of the once quaint town. Driving through many homes are littered with excess belongings, broken vehicles, and clutter. During the Supervisors September 13th meeting at the Westwood Wellness center community members fed... Read More.

Susanville Updates Fireworks Code

As firework booths begin to pop up in local store parking lots for the 4th of July holiday, the city’s firework municipal code states that you can only light your safe n’ sane sparklers, roman candles, and the like on the 4th of July... Read More.

Changes coming to 530 Area Code

Everyone in the 530 will soon have to dial some extra digits for local phone calls. Starting October 24, 2021, callers must dial 10 digits to connect local phone calls. That means area code and the 7-digit phone number. Before this takes effect you should reprogram... Read More.