Sand, gravel, snow: Latest sports cars can go off-roading too

(NEW YORK) -- It was an outlandish concept. Take a Lamborghini Huracan -- a low-slung, outrageously fast coupe -- and transform it into an "all-terrain super sports car."Lamborghinis are built for racetracks, not gravel, sand and mud. The company's execs, however, had a hunch... Read More.

General Motors recalls over 600k cars due to car seat safety issue

(NEW YORK) -- General Motors is recalling over 660,000 SUVs due to a potential safety issue involving car seats.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted a recall notice on its website Thursday, stating that in certain models of Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles,... Read More.

How parking impacts everyday lives beyond cars

(NEW YORK) -- For some people, a parking spot is a nightmare and for others it's a status symbol tied to their homes and vehicles.Slate reporter Henry Grabar, who wrote the book "Paved Paradise How Parking Explains the World," however said that that piece of... Read More.