Redding Car Thief Rolls Vehicle, Gets Arrested Near Adin

Eric Taylor out of Redding fell into the hands of the Lassen County Sheriff's department after carjacking a Subaru and headed towards Susanville. Taylor speeding on icy roads on HWY 139 near Adin, veered off the road and hit a boulder with the vehicle's... Read More.

CHP Search for Missing Driver of Car Found Upside Down in Creek

The California Highway Patrol was on the lookout overnight, searching Plumas county hospitals for a potentially injured driver. A car was partially submerged upside down in a creek near the Taylorsville area. The CHP and Caltrans will be removing the vehicle this morning, but... Read More.

Susanville PD Warns of String of Car Thefts in Uptown

Lock your car doors, Susanville Police Department says there have been a string of opportunistic car thefts in the uptown area. These thefts occur when a burglar can easily access a vehicle as well as clearly see what of value is in the car.... Read More.