Seneca New Build Remains On-time Despite Setbacks

Seneca Hospital remains on target and is set to accept the first patients in the new hospital by Summer 2026. CEO Shawn McKenzie said despite the bird debacle over summer, which halted operations until the protected Blue Heron had hatched its offspring, and a mild... Read More.

Seneca Kicks-off New Build with Groundbreaking Ceremony

A monumental step for Seneca Healthcare District will take place in the coming week as a groundbreaking ceremony will celebrate the kick-off to the new hospital building project.According to Seneca, the new facility, mandated by the state to meet seismic requirements, will offer much-needed... Read More.

The secret to a successful sports car company? Build more SUVs

(SANT'AGATA BOLOGNESE, Italy) -- Enthusiasts scoffed, guffawed and protested when Porsche, maker of the venerated 911 sports car, launched its Cayenne sport utility vehicle in 2002. The large SUV boosted the marque's sagging sales, winning over Porsche loyalists.The Italians took notice.These days, Lamborghini factory workers... Read More.

Seneca Seeks Timber Removal in Step Towards New Build

Seneca Healthcare District is seeking timber removal services to begin the first steps in constructing its replacement facility in Chester.With the passage of Bond Measure B last June, the district has secured the ability to rebuild and meet the state’s deadline of 2030, requiring... Read More.