EPA bans remaining uses of cancer-causing asbestos in the US

(WASHINGTON) -- The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday announced a United States ban on the ongoing use of chrysotile asbestos -- a carcinogen that the agency estimates is linked to more than 40,000 U.S. deaths each year.The announcement comes as part of President Joe... Read More.

South Korean assembly bans dog meat trade, consumption

(SEOUL, South Korea) -- South Korea's national assembly unanimously passed a bill to ban eating and selling of dog meat on Tuesday.Slaughtering, breeding, trading and selling of dog meat for human consumption will be prohibited starting in 2027. Violators of the new law will... Read More.

Women, doctors announce legal action against abortion bans in 3 states

(NEW YORK) -- Women in Idaho, Oklahoma and Tennessee filed legal actions against their states over abortion bans, saying they were denied abortions despite having dangerous pregnancy complications.Four women in Idaho -- Jennifer Adkins, Jillaine St. Michel, Kayla Smith and Rebecca Vincen-Brown -- and... Read More.