CDFW Investigates Mountain Lion Attack off Hwy299

CDFW says to fight back and try to stay standing if attacked by a mountain lion. In our neighboring county of Trinity, that’s exactly what a woman did when a mountain lion jumped on her back while she was hiking near a picnic area... Read More.

Plumas County Cyber Attack

Reported by Plumas News; Will Plumas County employees receive their paychecks? Will property tax payments be posted? How much data has been breached? Those are all questions that County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick and the Information Technology department are trying to answer. During an interview this morning,... Read More.

Wolf Attack on Livestock

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif. — State wildlife officials have now linked a specific wolf to an attack on livestock in Siskiyou County. Five injured calves were discovered on October 25 in Eastern Siskiyou County. All five animals had significant injuries to their left rear leg, two of... Read More.