Alaska oil drilling Willow Project approved, despite viral protests

(NEW YORK) -- Despite heavy opposition from environmental activists, a viral TikTok campaign and a campaign promise by President Joe Bien to move the U.S. away from fossil fuels, the federal government greenlighted a controversial oil drilling project on pristine Alaskan land on Monday.... Read More.

Grant Approved for Greenville Bookmobile

Greenville Library will be on wheels in the next few years. Librarian Lindsey Fuchs has been approved for a 200,000 dollar grant from the state to buy a bookmobile to replace the Greenville library that was destroyed by the Dixie Fire and now temporarily... Read More.

First COVID-19 Vaccine Approved

Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA, COVID 19 vaccine was announced as the first FDA approved shot. After the FDA dug deep into pages of research on their vaccine, the agency declared it to meet their highest of standards, after an application was formally made back... Read More.