Comittee Appointed to Oversee Sales Tax Revenue Spending

Four people have been appointed to the City of Susanville Sales tax oversight committee, with one pending nomination. As was promised by the council to accompany the one percent increase when passed by voters in the June Primary Election, each member of the council nominated... Read More.

Tax Oversight Committee to Be Appointed by City Council

This Wednesday, the Susanville City Council will appoint members to the promised Sales Tax Oversight Board. When voters approved the one percent increase in the City’s sales tax during the June primary, an advisory committee was part of the deal. As of October 1st, that... Read More.

New County Administrator Appointed by Plumas Supervisors

Plumas County supervisors appoint a new County administrative officer Debra Lucero under some controversy. She is currently serving her final term as County Supervisor in Butte County. The announcement of her potential appointment was leaked to a local Butte County news source before the... Read More.

CCC Case to be Appointed Special Master Today

In the fight for the California Correctional Center to remain open, a court hearing today will determine the Special Masters of court as directed by traveling judge Robert Moody in the latest court date. Judge moody determined that the whole of California is watching... Read More.