CDFW Addresses CA’s Wild Pig Problem

Wild pigs are becoming a growing concern for Californians leaving a large impact on some local areas. CDFW Wildlife Branch Chief Scott Gardner says “non-native species, when introduced, can become prolific and destructive over time.” That’s why the department is moving forward... Read More.

City Addresses Homeless Problem with Short and Long Term Solutions

Homelessness is an increasing concern in the only incorporated City in Lassen county, with those living on the street residing on riverfront property. Crime along the river has begun to impact businesses, and within months, Susanville fire has responded to multiple encampment fires. The... Read More.

Homelessness Council’s Top Priority

Susanville addresses homelessness by making the issue the number one priority of the city council. You can find tents and camps throughout the Susan River that runs through town. The river walk has long been the council’s focus to clean up with projects such... Read More.

Susanville Planning Commission Addresses Cannabis Ordinance

Today the Susanville Planning Commission will be reviewing the city‘s current ordinance of commercial cannabis within its limits. The city’s Ad Hoc committee comprised of various city staff to include the city planner, code enforcement officer, both police and fire chief, and city administrator... Read More.