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I asked some of my Facebook friends to help write my bio, and here’s what some of them said about me::

  • his “calming voice makes the day’s stress go away.” –Hector-Jolene
  • “great product endorser” – Betsy
  • “Buzz got his start in the entertainment industry as a rodeo clown. After one too many bull kicks to the head, however, he decided to hang up his suspenders and retire into the quiet life of a radio dj. He began working at KIIM FM in ???? and settled into the simple routine of playing songs, talking with some crazy lady named Kricket, and occasionally meeting famous people (no big deal.) Sometimes he still gets confused, and suddenly thinks he’s in the pit with the bulls again… but then, thankfully, he realizes the sound he thought was the braying of a bull is actually just his coworkers trying to sing along with the latest Luke Bryan song. ???????? The smell, unfortunately, cannot be so easily dismissed. But that’s radio.” –Erin
  • “the man who on the air after 3pm gets everyone rocking to our favorite Country Tunes while on our way home from work or errands. You could say he is responsible for all of #Tucson getting their #BuzzonTheRadio” = Elizabeth
  • -went to college on Alderaan where he joined the rebellion. Majored in broadcast journalism so he could send messages for the rebellion over the radio waves to help defeat the Supreme Leader Snoke” –Monica
  • “Can ride a bike like a mad man. Who needs the third wheel” – Michael
  • Does “more to make the world and your community a better place in 1 week than most people do in an entire year.” – Lisa
  • “I look forward to ‘the radio contest that is sweeping the nation.'” – Terry
  • “obsessed with car chases, Star Wars, pregnant giraffes on YouTube, Dilly Bars…” – Buzz
  • Buzz “was born to a family of poor sheep herders & goat farmers in the Scottish Highlands. At a tender young age he was trained to track down the sheep & keep them in line as, sadly, his parents could not afford a sheep dog of their own. This lead to his profound love of “Man’s Best Friend” as he appreciated all that they were capable of doing. It also explains his jubilant joy with the new The Humane Society of Southern Arizona being built next door to the radio station.’ – Jim
  • “Born with more hair than he currently sports.” – Alan
  • “A kind hearted man with a golden voice and a great ear for what country music is supposed to sound like. One of the Best.” – Lola

Thanks to everyone who helped update my bio! Here’s the “official” bio:

Favorite food: burger or Chinese Food

Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten: I’ve eaten dog food. And I once had really authentic Chinese food in San Francisco.

Favorite Super Hero: Batman, because he’s just a regular guy. A RICH guy, but a regular rich guy.

Favorite artist: George Strait

Favorite kind of music you’re not really proud of: 80’s pop. Madonna, Prince, etc.

Over the years, I’ve won an ACM Award, a CMA Award, Employee Of The Month at Wendy’s in Glen Cove, Long Island, and Employee Of The Month at B94.5 in Orlando. When I’m not on the radio, you can find me spending time with my family, walking Wrangler The Dog or Levi The Emergency Backup Dog, or possibly eating a burger.