City Deliberates on ARPA Spending- Recommendations to be Handed Down


A mixed bag of projects is what the city of Susanville has on its hands on how to spend the remaining 2.5 million dollars in COVID relief funds.
However, the city is not making any quick decisions and is trying to do its due diligence before allocating any of the funds.

During the council’s Feb 21st meeting, yet another lengthy discussion dove deeper into the projects under consideration, including paying off the city’s debt, helping the Susanville Symphony purchase the Sierra Theatre for a performing arts center, and bolstering code enforcement.

Though City Manager Dan Newton highlighted a few overlooked needs, including city hall, Susanville Fire, and Susanville Police Department building repairs due to leaking roofs and heating system failures.

Since discussions began months ago, many ideas have been brought forth, though Newton emphasized that “unfortunately [the city] won’t be able to do them all.”

Council Member Shuster also brought a few more questions to the table, including the fact that a new council will be seated by June and how the money would get handed out to those asking for funds.

Council member Dan Brown suggested that the city should look into purchasing the Sierra Theatre and leasing to the symphony, while Councilmember Stafford agreed with Newton that dilapidated city buildings need to come first, calling it a shame they are in the shape they are in.

Council Member Thomas Hererra again vouched for the performing arts center, stressing that the city needs to prioritize the youth.

City Manager Dan Newton said he would “do his best” to get staff’s recommendation to the council by their next meeting, which will include paying off the city’s debt, repairing city buildings, and the Sierra Theatre project. Newton gave one final warning he felt was critical for the council to heed: he felt the city needed to consider the decisions needed to survive the election.

The council’s next meeting will be held during the first week of March, during which a recommendation on the proposed projects may be handed down.