Sat, Oct 8 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Come and join us on October 8th at 5PM to support Ed Swayze through his battle with Amyloidosis ❤️
Tickets are available at the gate or on Eventbrite!
*Donation option on Eventbrite as well*
In June, after significant loss of kidney function. Ed was diagnosed with a rare disease called Light Chain Amyloidosis. Not a Cancer but treated like a Cancer. He started Chemo in July and has responded well to treatment. Weekly trips to the Reno VA for treatment will be ongoing until he can get clearance to go to the VA clinic in Seattle where he will get a bone marrow transplant. They are going to harvest his own healthy cells, give him a high dose of Chemo then put his healthy cells back in.
This is going to be a 2-6 month process in which he will have to have a caregiver (Tammy) with him through this process. Tyler will stay here and his grandma will come stay to help out.
Money raised will go to help while Tammy takes the time off work to care for Ed and the travel to and from Reno and Seattle.
Ed and Tammy have been a part of this community for over 20 years. Supporting the community and youth organizations when they Owned Customer Talk.