Drew Barrymore on what she’s cool with for the summer


With her eponymous talk show now on its summer hiatus, Drew Barrymore has had a little time to relax.

The actress recently passed along to ABC Audio some recommendations for what to watch and where to go as the weather heats up. 

When it comes to pressing play on your remote, Drew “can’t say enough” about Beef, the Netflix series starring Steven Yuen and Ali Wong

The show shows how a chance display of road rage in a parking lot turns the lives of two people from two completely different walks of life totally upside down.

“I know everybody knows it now, but if there’s someone out there who hasn’t watched it,” do so, she recommends. “I watched it when it was still new and quiet and under the radar, and I felt like I made the world’s greatest discovery…I don’t know if it’s news anymore, but if somebody hasn’t seen it, I can’t recommend it more. I love it so much.”

As for what to do, Drew’s got some ideas there, too. 

“My favorite thing right now to do is go on the Eater heat map and just go somewhere that’s like the closest arrow, or little whatever that teardrop shape, is near you,” she explained.

The website allows users to look up local restaurants they might not know are in their area, no matter where they happen to live. 

“The other day I went to Oodles of Noodles in Bayside, [Queens, New York] and I had the greatest meal!…It was a mother and daughter establishment, and I met the whole family and I hung out with them,” Drew enthused.

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