Hop on a “Train” ride with Jackson Dean


Jackson Dean‘s drawing from a pre-Nashville life experience in his new song, “Train.”

The track, which Jackson co-wrote, was inspired by a routine voyage he took in his hometown of Maryland.

“Before I made my way to Nashville, I was posted up in an old cinder block shack on the back of my grandfather’s land in Maryland and just about midnight every night, I’d hear a freight train pass through. One night when it whistled, I got to wondering—where’d it come from, where’s it going … where’d I come from and where am I going, the two almost became intertwined,” Jackson shares.

“We wrote the song, inspired by that moment and let imagination run wild from there,” he says.

Jackson further draws romantic links to “Train.”

“There’s always a ‘Train’. It’s that relationship that’s predictable, powerful, and fleeting. If you can relate, give this one a listen,” the “Don’t Come Lookin"” singer tells fans on Instagram.

“Train” and the earlier released “Big Blue Sky” serve as previews of Jackson’s forthcoming new project.

To catch Jackson opening for Lainey Wilson on her Country’s Cool Again Tour, head to jacksondeanmusic.com.

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